About Murray Kennedy

Since 1981 I have given over 100 Enlightenment Intensives. I love the work deeply; trust it completely. Through the years I have seen it bring fulfillment, joy, healing and the Truth itself to so many people. To me it as an on-going miracle. And it is my great privilege to make it available.  The work makes me happy.

I took my first Enlightenment Intensive with Jeff Love, in 1978. Towards the end of the third day I directly experienced an aspect of Truth. That experience changed my life. I was inspired to do all the Intensives I could, plus yoga, Vipassana and Zen Sesshins. In 1981 I trained to be an Enlightenment Intensive Master and gave my first Intensive. Since then I have given 100 Enlightenment Intensives, including 18 Seven Day, and 8 Two-Week Intensives. I gave a couple of Two Week Intensives in the early 80’s before family life took over. The children are grown now and I’m freer. Since 2011 I’ve been giving a Two Week every September. They’ve been very rewarding and I hope to continue making them available once a year. I really like giving, and taking, Enlightenment Intensives.


Throughout the years I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful people, Theresa Hood  monitored over 50 Intensives. In recent years Patsy Boyer has made herself available to help the Intensives go. Here is Patsy hard at work.


For the past 35 years… That’s THIRTY FIVE YEARS…I have also led a weekly Dyad Night for those who wish to continue contemplation practice between Intensives. We meet every Wednesday Night 7:30 PM at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, 535 West 10th. Ave. in Vancouver. Entrance is from the lane between Broadway and 10th. All are welcome. The cost is $5. There is a map at the bottom of the “Next Intensive” page of this site.

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