About Murray Kennedy

 Enlightenment Intensives incubate the elements of True Nature that make it possible for us to experience the Truth itself.  After 40 years I can honestly say this work is both goodness itself and a genuine doorway to realization. Through the years I have seen it bring  joy, healing and the fulfillment of the Truth itself to so many people. It as an on-going, real life, miracle. It is a great privilege to make it available. 

I took my first Enlightenment Intensive with Jeff Love, in 1979. Towards the end of the third day I directly experienced an aspect of Truth. That experience changed my life. It inspired me to enter the path of Truth and transformation; I did many Intensives, Vipassana courses and Zen Sesshins. In 1982 I took the Masters’ training and gave my first Intensive. I was 34.  I’m 74.now; have given over 140 Enlightenment Intensives, most of them were three day, 22 were seven and 12 Two-Week Intensives. When our children were young I could only give two a year but they’re grown now and I’ve been blessed with good health and the freedom to offer more.  After all these years when an Intensive comes to its end I am still  and always amazed, and humbled at what has taken place.  The work still blows me away, it really does. Its an on-going miracle rolling like joyful thunder though our lives..  

Throughout the years I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful people,  Here are a few:

Theresa Hood  Theresa-1  monitored and served me and the community for close to 50 Intensives in the yearly years..

In recent decades Patsy Boyer has served on ever intensive since about 2005.. Here is Patsy hard at work.between the dyad rows at Camp Kwomais which was our EI home for 18 years.  


It has been wonderful to work with Theresa and Patsy and many other dedicated and inspired individuals.

Josephine Lawless, Josephine-1

Michelle Venne       ,Michelle-1

Sharon Usher,         Sharon-1

Simon Thomson    Simon

Roger Harper         .Roger-Harper-1

Charles Thackeray Charles-1

 Here is a picture taken at the end of the first Two Week in 1986


Thirty one years later Cliff took this picture of Patsy and I at then end of the 2017, 7 Day  You can tell the work was  joy then and now.


Also: For the past 37 years… That’s THIRTY SEVEN YEARS…we have had a weekly Dyad Night in Vancouver for those who wish to continue contemplation practice between Intensives. Since Covid hit we’ve been meeting on Zoon every Wednesday.  When it’s safe to do so we will return to meeting every Wednesday Night 7:30 PM at Holy Trinity Anglican Church 1440 West 12th (between Hemlock and Granville) in Vancouver.  All are welcome. The cost is $5. 

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