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Due to the situation with Covid 19 this list of intended Intensives is provisional.  We will not be holding Intensives unless it is safe for participants and staff to attend. We will replace most of our planned in-person Enlightenment Intensives with Zoom Dyad Retreats.

 Zoom Dyad Retreat, Friday Evening  November 27th through Tuesday morning December 1st

February  13 – 15,  2021;  Three Day Love Intensive (Non Residential) North Vancouver Zoom Dyad Retreat

April 2021, Cloud Mountain 5 Day Enlightenment Intensive

May 6 – 9th  2021, 3 Day Enlightenment Intensive at Springrooke

May 6 to 14 2021, 7 Day Enlightenment Intensive at Springbrooke

July 22 – 30, 7 Day Enlightenment Intensive  at Tree Of Life Newfoundland

September 16 – October 1st 2021, Two Week Enlightenment Intensive, Powell River 

November 10 – 15 Four Day Enlightenment Intensive Springbrooke 

Note:  3, 5 and 7 Day Intensives are named for the number of full days doing Dyads. When we designate an Intensive a 5 Day or a 7 Day. We do not count the evening before or the morning after.

Details of these events are listed below:


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Three Day Love Intensive 

Saturday morning February 13 thru Monday evening February 15, 2021

At 3077 Princess Ave. North Vancouver or on Line if Covid is still a threat.

Fee – $300

Love Intensives are the same as standard EI except:

  • All participants contemplate the true nature of Love responding to  the dyad instruction, “Open to the presence of Love.” 

  • Participants go home at night.   If you live out-of-town there are Air B&B’s in the area where you can stay.  

  • On days 1, 2, & 3 there are 10, 10 and 8 dyads respectively. 

  •  We begin each day at 7:30 Am. Days 1 & 2 go to 9:30 in the evening. On the final day we close at 7:30.  

  • Meals are provided. 

 To register call, Murray Kennedy 604 984 3282  or  Email:


April 2021


Five Day Enlightenment Intensive

April 2021 at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

At Cloud Mountain Washington (110 miles south of Seattle 70 Miles north of Portland)

Tiered Fees: Subsidized Level $420, Sustaining Level $460 Supporting Level $500 – plus dana offerings to teachers and staff.

For Information or to register for this Intensive go to the Cloud Mountain web site –


May 2021

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Three Day Enlightenment Intensive

Thursday evening May  6 – Sunday evening May 9 or Monday morning May 10,  2021

At Springbrooke Retreat Center, Langley BC   Cost: $575

To register call, Murray Kennedy 604 984 3282  or  Email:

Murray Kennedy’s Enlightenment Intensives are traditional with the following exceptions 1. In the afternoons, rest period is earlier than in the original schedule; – before, rather than after, lecture. 2. Before one or two of the dyads the group chants together. 3. Instead of working contemplation we may have movement to music.  4.”Tell me what Love is?” is an available question.


Seven Day Enlightenment Intensive

Thursday evening May 6  – thru Friday morning  May 14,  2021

At Springbrooke Retreat Center.       Cost $1075

To register call, Murray Kennedy 604 984 3282  or  Email:


July 22 to 30th 2021

Seven Day Enlightenment Intensive in Newfoundland!


Thursday evening July 22 – thru Friday morning  July 30,  2021

At Tree Of Life Retreat Center,  Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland     Cost $750   

Murray Kennedy 604 984 3282  or  Email:

To register contact  Ian Goudie 709-765-6271 $200 Deposit


Two Week Enlightenment Intensive


September 16 to Oct 1st 2021

To be held at The Point, south of Powell River BC between Lang Bay and Brew Bay on Malaspina Strait.

Cost $2000 (Includes room and board)

If covid is still an issue in September 2021 we will replace the Two Week with Consecutive Three Day Zoom Dyad Retreats.

Thursday Evening September 16th through Monday morning September 20th

And Friday September 24 through Monday September 27th


About Longer Intensives

For many people three-day Enlightenment Intensives end just when they are starting to get interesting. On the final day participants often find themselves in a new realm, one where contemplation is no longer foreign or forced but spontaneous, natural and real. The dyads flow on a deeper level. Contact is profound. The power and significance of the work have become self-evident.

But then the Intensive comes to an end. Formality and discipline lift; contemplation subsides and participants begin to contract out of the expanded state they were just beginning to enjoy.

A seven or fourteen-day intensive is for those who want to stay on and continue the inquiry at the level they have attained at the end of the third day. So it is an opportunity go on out into realms you always had to turn your back on before; and experience whatever arises as contemplation deepens day after day after day. It is a simple and very pure life. You are supported and nourished by the structure and fellowship of the intensive. Your only mandate and concern is to continue opening to the truth and communicating your experience, whatever it is.

Personally I love long Intensives. I love having the time to sink deeply into a contemplating mode of life. I love living the practice; day after day in a company of committed others.  As the days go by forcing and striving are replaced by acceptance and curiosity. Anxiety and pressure give way to the spaciousness of unfolding reality. Devotion and surrender naturally arise. One’s intention is simply to welcome the Truth whatever it is; however it is! To me this is the essence of the work. It is an intrinsically meaningful, satisfying and appropriate activity. There is the opportunity to face, understand and resolve issues in a deep way.

Long Enlightenment Intensives are not easy. There are barriers and crises to face. But I feel they genuinely benefit those who choose to do them. They involve a deep confrontation with illusion and a level of work which can profoundly affect participants’ lives.

Fourteen day Intensives are significantly more challenging than the seven day format. And for some people they are not the best.  Admission is at Murray and Patsy’s discretion. As a rule we choose to work with people we already know from 3 or 7 Day Intensives.


Four Day Enlightenment Intensive November 2021


Wednesday evening, November 10th thru Sunday evening, November 14th, or Monday morning Nov 15th. 2021

At Springbrooke Retreat Center Langley     Cost $675

To register call, Murray Kennedy 604 984 3282  or  Email:


Non Residential Contemplation Events:

In Vancouver Every Wednesday: Dyad Night

Elephants 1

Dyad Night has been held in Vancouver continuously for 34 years. But we are meeting on Zoom during Covid, If you are interested contact Murray for details.

Every Wednesday we do two, 40 minute dyads followed by a short sharing circle.

Dyad Night is open to anyone interested in contemplative inquiry. Newcomers are welcome and instruction is available.

This is a wonderful opportunity to practice presence, open to reality and let go of our burdens.

We meet every Wednesday evening 7:30 – 9:45 at Holy Trinity Anglican Church; 1440 West 12th Ave. The entrance is on the south side of 12th just west of Hemlock. There’s free street parking after 7:00.

Our room is on the third floor. Cost is $5.00.    All are very welcome.

Cost is $5.00. All are welcome.


Love Intensive every February – see above

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